Can I Carry Camera on international flights?

Carry Camera on international flights

Yes, you can carry any camera on any international flight. But there are some things to remember while traveling with cameras in airports and airplanes. Such as:

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Make sure to detach your camera:

After entering the airport, you will have to pass some steps. You will not be allowed to carry more than a certain weight, you must put your camera inside the backpack during the weight measurement, but each camera part must be detached separately in the bag because the bags pass a few steps. Then you will get it in your hand.

Some parts of your camera might break, so inform the security officials at the airport that you want to carry the camera with you, then they will allow you to keep it with you.

Detach camera

X-ray process while you carry your camera at the airport:

One of the few steps at the airport is that you and your bags will be x-ray. Because it will see if you are carrying something prohibited, inform the officials in charge if your camera is in your bag because the X-ray machine can damage your camera and lens.

airport x ray scanner

How to carry your extra camera battery on international flights:

There are several rules at the airport about this. For example, suppose you want to take extra batteries with your camera on an international trip. In that case, you must inform the airport authorities because carrying any electronic device on the plane is dangerous. Any battery can be more dangerous and cannot keep the extra batteries together as it can easily cause a fire.

Again there are many types of batteries, such as Lithium-ion batteries, silicon batteries, polymer-ion buttery, etc. Many airports will not allow this type of buttery carry-on. So contact the airport from which you will depart and know in advance what type of battery you require to enter the airport.

Can I turn on the camera inside the plane?

Yes, you can use your camera while on the plane, but this is not allowed in many planes because any electronic device in the plane is dangerous. Any short circuit problem can cause a fire in the plane, creating a terrible situation. Even if there exists any connectivity system on your camera, you will get restrictions from using cameras in the plane.

The airplane always moves in the air according to the command given by Air Traffic Control(ATC). If your camera is on, it may disconnect the connection of the rudder from the airplane. There is a risk of a serious accident.

turn on the camera inside the plane


You can take the camera worldwide if you follow these conditions. Sometimes, a small mistake can cause a big danger, so knowing the airport’s terms and conditions is recommended before traveling with the camera. Otherwise, it will bring danger, so it should review these issues carefully before embarking on any international flight.


The use of cameras by the general public is not legal inside any international airport for any reason. Special needs can be used with the permission of the authority.

The camera must be detached during the x-ray process at the airport. Because x-ray rays can damage the camera.

Yes, You Can Travel with an extra battery inside the plane. However, only Lithium-ion batteries are allowed to be carried. And, of course, you should keep the battery detached from your electronic device because it could explode and cause an accident.

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