How To Clean Our Camera/Lens

How to clean our camera

Camera is a hobby for everyone, but if we do not take care of the camera use, our favorite camera will get damaged in a short time, So we should always keep clean our favorite camera. Today we will talk about how to clean your camera.

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What do we need to clean our camera?

To clean the camera, we need several things, such as Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab, a soft cotton cloth, a brush, Air Blower, Cleaning Pen, and cleaning liquid.

Keep these few things close if you are a regular camera user. The camera is a very delicate thing. A little bit of dirt inside its sensor can make the camera ineffective. So if you keep these few things handy, you can use them anytime.

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Use Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab to clean your camera lens:

camera Sensor Cleaning Swab

A camera lens is a fragile and sensitive thing. It will be damaged if you try to clean it with any typical cloth or brush. Sensor Cleaning Swab is only for cleaning the camera lens. If there is dirt on the camera lens, it is easy to clean the dirt with it. However, rubbing it gently on the camera lens will remove the dirt.

Use a soft cotton cloth to clean your camera :

soft cotton cloth

It is better to use a soft cotton cloth to clean the camera. Using an ordinary cloth can stain the camera, or cleaning the lens with a normal cloth will ruin the lens.

So the camera and lens can be cleaned very well with a soft cotton cloth, and there is no chance of getting stains.

Use a brush to clean your camera :

camera cleaning brush

Another valuable component to keep the camera clean is the camera cleaning brush.

It can easily remove very fine dirt stuck to the camera. Clean the camera with it at least once after every use to keep the camera looking like new for a long time

Use an Air Blower to clean your camera :

Air Blower to clean your camera

Sometimes there is very fine and sharp dirt on the camera, they cannot be clean with a cloth or a brush, and there is a possibility of getting more stains after cleaning. That is why Air Blower is mainly used to remove very fine dirt, which cannot done by using anything else.

Use a Cleaning Pen to clean your camera :

Sometimes dirt gets stuck in some parts of the camera where no cloth or brush can not insert, such as buttons and ports, dirt can get stuck inside. Cleaning them quickly will keep the camera in good condition. A camera cleaning Pen is a thing that can inserted into any narrow place of the camera. And easy to clean, this is one of the essential camera cleaning products.

Cleaning liquid :

Camera Cleaning liquid

Some specks of dirt in the camera cannot be determine with bare eyes. This dirt usually carries harmful germs and bacteria, which harm the camera user’s health. It is often to see that it causes fungus inside the camera lens. Eventually, the lens becomes cloudy and unusable. , so every time before and after using the camera, we should spray cleaning liquid on the camera, and It should cleaned with a soft cotton cloth, as a result of which no more germs and fungus will be born.

These things must be taken care of when cleaning the camera, and these products you should use to clean your camera, then you can use the camera of your choice for a long time.


Cleaning should be done at least once a week, but it is best if the camera is cleaned after each use

If the camera is not cleaned regularly, it will accumulate dirt and eventually the camera will become ineffective.

Yes ,Fungus can grow from accumulated dirt. This damages the camera lens. Over time the lens will become cloudy

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