How to record professional video with a gimbal

record professional video with gimbal

Many people use various gimbals for professional video recording with smartphones or cameras. Sometimes, many people use expensive gimbals, but the video needs to look more professional. Because many people start filming or making different types of videos without knowing the proper use of a gimbal, today I will tell you about six tips and tricks for using a gimbal, following which your video will be more professional and good-looking. These things can be followed by everyone, from beginners to experts.

I am sharing these tips with you from my own experience, and I have used Zhiyun Smooth 5s for professional video making. You can read more about it here.

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1. Balancing:

Before shooting a professional video with a gimbal, you must balance it well. If you cannot balance it properly, then there will be no improvement in the video using the Gimbal.

Besides, If your Gimbal not adequately balanced for shooting video, it will be the same as if you record the video by hand. At the same time, the Gimbal will become weak in long-term use due to the lack of proper balance, Which will place extra pressure on the new motors of the Gimbal; as a result, they will damaged in a few days.

Therefore, first of all, the Gimbal should be placed in a flat place and balanced well. Then you can use it for professional video recording.

2. Ninja Walking:

The second tip for professional video recording with Smartphone is Ninja Walking. Walking with knees bent is called ninja walking. Many people usually walk with the camera during video recording; as a result, our body tends to lean up and down, which no gimbal can solve, resulting in the video being unstable. On the other hand, if you walk with your knees bent, the video will be very smooth. The video will be more professional if you use the ninja walk technique to eliminate this up-and-down motion.

Ninja Walking

3. Which app to use for recording with Gimbal?

Each company provides a specific app with its Gimbal that can use to record videos, such as Zhiyun’s ZY Cami and DJI’s DJI Mimo. All such companies provide apps for video recording, but many essential features may need to add, so these apps may have to change according to your work needs.

For example, DJI and Zhiyun’s apps can’t record video at 4k 60 fps, so if you want to record video at 4k 60 fps, you have to use the default application on your phone. There are features such as the telephoto lens which cannot use in the companion app of the Gimbal. So, there are many reasons why you may need to change the app.

So before shooting a video, you must see what is missing in your app, and you can pre-plan everything you need in the app for video recording according to your needs. Determine the application you need accordingly. You will not have to face any problems during recording.

4. Enable the grid of your application:

Every video recording app has the option to enable this grid. During video recording, you will see many straight lines drawn and boxed on the screen, and this is the grid.

And this grid will help you to make a proper composition. Sometimes, we want to put the subject in the center position or on one side, but if we guess, it can be a mistake. Using the grid provides a fixed point, and you can point the subject at any position, and you will able to shoot a perfect video.

So I suggest using applications with a grid and other necessary features.

5. Locking Focus and Exposure:

While recording, you must lock focus and exposure. Otherwise

focus and exposure will shift. Suppose you make a video of a mountain. Two exposures will appear on both sides when you move the camera from the surface to the mountain. On the other hand, if you set a certain point and lock it. Then there will be no more exposure change, and the video will be more professional.

6. Knowing About Your Gimbal Settings:

The last tip is that each Gimbal has some settings and features you must know well. Even the app used for Gimbal has many features that should known well. For example, Zhiyun Smooth 5s has a feature called Vertigo or Dolly zoom effect. This feature allows the background to be zoomed in or zoomed out while keeping the subject. It makes the video look very professional.

The Gimbal also has many settings and modes you need to know well, such as what kind of ports and buttons are in the front and back of the Gimbal. If you don’t know about the buttons’ functions, you can’t make professional videos with the Gimbal.

Therefore, before starting video recording, you must keep all these settings and features in mind. Then you can record professional videos with Gimbal.

So, following these six tips and tricks, you can shoot any professional video.


It helps to create professional videos. In general, if you want to make a video with the camera in your hand, the stability of the camera is lost due to hand shaking. On the other hand, using a gimbal gives a very smooth video.

Anyone from beginner to advance can use gimbal for their work convenience. And it’s very easy to use.

Of course, many popular brads are currently making gimbals for smart phone use. Now you can make professional videos using gimbal on smart phone.

Currently there are many popular brands that manufacture good quality gimbal. However, DJI, Zhiyun and Feiyu Tech top the list of the most popular gimbal brands around the world.

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